Hermits… Warriors at heart

As I sit here in my slumber, slumped over my computer reading articles and trying to tune out the screaming horde that is in the front room, I came across a picture of a hermit I took. I immediately recalled a conversation with a friend of mine that swore hermits were not cool and he wouldn’t have them in his tank. He saw them as girlish and not very good creatures for a cool aquarium set up. I on the other hand have watched these little critters for some time now. Various tanks I have owned they were the first troops in and the last troops to leave when it was all over. I have watched these little soldiers gang up on another member of the same size and rip him out of his shell and leave the victim laying on the ground scrambling for cover before a big fish took advantage of it. I used to have a mix of blue knuckle hermits and Scarlet red legs. I often times would sit and watch them and think of them as the Bloods and the Crips, one gang against the other. I often times would catch two or three Blue knuckles with a Scarlet hymned up in the corner like they were fixing to beat him down and take his money and shoes. I never saw these guys as being not worthy of front and center attention. They have always been some of the most laughable critters in the tanks and I would urge anyone to pay more attention to the behaviors of these little clan members. They might just surprise you.



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2 responses to “Hermits… Warriors at heart

  1. Justyn

    Lol glad you didn’t use my direct quote. Was there another one you wanted me to see ?

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